I am a holistic therapist offering online and face to face solution focused therapy, creating positive change in your personal & working life.





Thoughts, emotions and feelings are not the same but are influential to each other. They are manifestations / displays of energy linked to the physical body. Positive thoughts hold a high frequency whereas negative ones create a lower frequency. This energy runs through the circuitry of the body (known as the meridian system) and we call this flow of energy an emotion (energy- in - motion). When this energy hits the vital organs in the body it creates vibration and we call this a feeling. High energy feels good and low energy feels uncomfortable. If we have suppressed. unhealed low frequency emotions stored in the body's memory / cells this can cause unwanted unconscious behaviours and physical illness.












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A well trained therapist can help you identify what is hidden, gain a greater understanding of it and assist you in releasing trapped energy that is not serving you. Then progressing on to managing self talk and releasing of old patterns of negative thinking. This can be life changing as how you feel determines your quality of life. Why not book a free consultation with Jo to identify the best approach for you to enable you to make more positive choices with regards to your thinking and attention







Ideal Shape & Size Programme

The ideal shape and size programme uses a combination of hypnotherapy, EFT, EMDR and PSYCH-k to let go of the concept of dieting and forcing change in eating habits. It leads into the development of a natural desire and drive to find joy in living a healthy life. Estimated 5 Sessions (can be less or more dependent upon individual situation).

  • Lose desire to eat unhealthy foods like, chocolate, carbs etc.
  • Release unwanted emotions that lead to emotional eating
  • Gain motivation / inspiration to exercise, lose a resistant mindset
  • Visualise and feel being your ideal shape and size
  • Enjoy consuming foods and fluids that are healthy and vital

Inner Child Work

Traumas stored within the cells of the body influence what programs we run when we are in a state of stress. People have found themselves on much more positive path after healing the inner child. EFT Matrix Reimprinting, EMDR, PSYCH-K and hypnotherapy have proved to be very effective when observing and releasing the energy of traumas that have been buried within the body. This makes way for the unconscious mind to feel safe then to allow positive thoughts and beliefs.

Guidance to go back to past experiences as your own therapist to accept, heal and release energy linked to past traumas

  • Get to a space to forgive self and others
  • Development of a positive thinking programme to replace habitual negative thinking
  • Gain accountability and power over thoughts and beliefs relating to thinking patterns
  • Create a thriving energy system
  • Undo programs that are no longer serving
  • Learn how to continue to use techniques without a therapist

Manifestation Programme

Dr Joe Dispenza said “the universe loves you that much it gives you what you are feeling.” Your feelings are linked to self-talk, thoughts and unhealed traumas; these factors can cause barriers preventing feeling of abundance and gratitude This support programme is designed to heal emotional traumas and negative belief systems that stop positive feelings. It helps us to get out of our own way of creating the life that we want.

  • Remove barriers / outdated beliefs
  • Gain an understanding of the science around the energy of thoughts
  • Embody feelings of desired outcome with senses and beliefs
  • Practice step changes, one thought at a time to feeling happy in the now moment
  • Gain motivation to practise gratitude and faith via meditation, VAK (Visual, Auditory Kinaesthetic) senses
  • Create a mind movie or vision board with meaning and feeling

Support for the Corporate Employee

Jo has Over 25 years of senior sales (board level) and operations experience working in the public and private sector. With an extremely successful track record where she continually exceeded targets. Jo now occasionally works as a consultant for business development solutions for numerous organisations and references can be provided upon request.

Jo has always had a healthy curiosity about human behaviour and this led her to utilise this knowledge to enhance the motivation, self-belief and confidence with sales, operational and leadership skills within a business environment. Please contact Jo for a quotation.

Jo offers consultancy for:

  • Sales Strategy
  • Team working - Turning the “I” into “we” at a subconscious level
  • Presentation Skills - Getting yourself out of the way and seeing it as your chance to shine
  • Time- Management / Procrastination – Gaining a subconscious awareness of the things you are avoiding, then re programming
  • Motivation and Positive Thinking – Catching your thoughts and challenging and letting unhelpful ones go.
  • Practical Emotional Freedom Technique – Learning a simple technique that can help remove unwanted human behaviours
  • Creating Innovative Ideas - Effective techniques to make idea development easy and productive

Jo Lomax

HI I 'm Jo and I am grateful to have a job that pays me to help others feel better.

I have previously worked as a sales director for international companies at board level; after reading a book on hypnotherapy in 2006 I chose to attend my first training course on hypnotherapy. This was at the Proudfoot School of Hypnosis. Will Proudfoot was in his 90’s at the time and was an old style hypnotherapist and I feel very lucky to have met him and received his training. I worked with therapy clients on evenings and weekends initially, but eventually followed my true calling and I left my senior position in the corporate world in 2013 to work as a holistic therapist as my main job.

I have always had a healthy curiosity about human behaviour and have over 17 years’ experience as a clinical hypnotherapist, having progressed through many courses in Hypnotherapy, EFT (inc. Matrix Re-imprinting), PSYCH-K, EMDR, Counselling, Aromatherapy and other Holistic Therapies. Where I have been very privileged to train with teachers who are amongst the best in their field.

Although I proved to be successful in my previous career it did not give me the job satisfaction that I get when helping people heal emotional trauma. In addition to getting others to understand the power they hold when choosing to manage self-talk and learn to have positive thinking as a new healthy habit.

The modalities used are so effective and I really love to hear the feedback from people who are now experiencing their lives in a happier and more optimistic way. Some clients come back to top up therapy and many call it a “Jo Fix” which I find flattering.

I do my best to ensure that people feel safe to share their challenges whilst knowing they are not judged, everything is strictly confidential and I do my best, within reason, to support in an ongoing manner.

I have worked with people from basics such as changing day to day habits in addition to unimaginable deep-rooted traumas. If you want to accept and release unwanted traumas, buried emotions or to gain inspiration / motivation; to learn how to release negative thinking patterns and replace them with more positive ones, please give me a call to arrange a free consultation.

On occasions I do still utilise my skills gained in the corporate world to assist with motivation, team work, sales skills and adjusting to business change.

Testimonials can be provided for these if required.



I can’t put into words how much Jo has helped me on my journey. I have been completely broken down mentally at times and I have always contacted Jo for help at the worst times of my life. She is so empathic, wise and an absolute pleasure to know. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk, she lives and breathes what she talks about. I always leave my sessions feeling better about life and like I can figure anything out. Jo makes me want to be a better person. I wish everyone had access to a healer like Jo, the world would be a much kinder and brighter place”.


- Hull


They say, a good Therapist will teach their client how not to need them in the future, and Jo does exactly that. She actively encourages and equips her clients with the knowledge, skill-set and tools to handle situations alone. On occasions, whenever I feel anxiety creeping back in, I just revisit my sessions with Jo, and apply the techniques and I soon find myself in a much more positive mental space. Jo’s vast knowledge, work ethics and professionalism is second to none. It is her passion for helping others that makes her such an amazing Therapist. She remains mindful and respectful of cultural differences and belief systems and works in harmony with people from all walks of life. I would recommend Jo in a heartbeat; she is a truly gifted human being".


- Hull


I didn’t realise how much I needed to go to Jo until I look back at how my life has changed since my first session with her two years ago. I felt like my problems weren’t “bad” enough to seek help, like I was wasting her time but as therapy went on I realised that trauma doesn’t have to look like total catastrophe for it to hugely effect your life and stunt your personal growth. I went to Jo because my feelings of being worthless and unimportant had become unbearable and I wanted change. Jo helped me to explore where these feelings originated so that I could begin to heal. The healing skills I’ve learned from Jo are so valuable and I can use them myself every day. Since starting my therapy with Jo, my confidence and self-worth has vastly improved and I have found an inner peace and strength that was previously so lost. This has had a knock on effect on so many areas of my life, it’d honestly take too long to list them all. My relationship with my daughter is stronger than ever…as a result my daughters personal life has even improved! I have much more meaningful connections with friends and I can be more present for people, my approach to romantic relationships is healthier and I’m more confident in my job. I’ve even remembered my love of and connection with nature. I do still like an EFT session now and again as it always helps to centre me when I feel like I’m loosing my way. Through my therapy with Jo I feel like I’m finally on the path that I’m meant to be on.

I was initially apprehensive about being vulnerable with a stranger but from the very first contact, Jo made it feel safe to open up and she’ll only move at a pace you’re comfortable with. She’s warm, empathetic and her calm welcoming energy puts you at ease immediately. I have recommended Jo to lots of my friends and we often joke (half joke!) that she’s actually magic. When you meet her I think you’ll know what we mean".


- Hull


I have been to see Jo for therapy 6 times now. 3 times to deal with past issues relating to my childhood which I received EFT and now have the ability to move forward and not be trapped on a roundabout of emotions. 1 time to stop smoking which I had EFT and Hypnotherapy and I walked out the door a non-smoker. Also, I had 2 sessions about misophonia (a hatred of people eating loudly) which is now no longer a problem. Jo makes you feel at ease and has a very caring voice. I would highly recommend Jo and if I ever needed treatment again, I would definitely return”.


- Hull


"I have worked with Jo over the past 10 years on various issues. Jo has always been a great intuitive therapist. The way she works is very empowering as she wants EFT to be used for self-help.

Over the past year Jo has supported me with manifesting. Jo is great at teaching the tools for self-activation. She uses relevant personal experience to help you develop and understand different techniques. I would recommend Jo for anyone wishing to be the best version of themselves and overcome subconscious blocks. The world is your oyster and Jo will help you achieve your dreams if you dare embark on the journey!”.


- Portugal


I really wasn’t sure that EFT was for me but I went in with an open mind and was beyond pleasantly surprised!!

Jo is fabulous, she listens to everything & works through your problems by unravelling the layers by talking and tapping on problems various. I had regular sessions for a period of time which helped me change my mindset for the better so much! I even go back for top ups/refresher sessions!!

Some may perceive EFT as bonkers or totally unconventional but all I’d say is don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. It’s simple and beyond effective. I would highly recommend Jo to anyone, she’s ace and fabulous at her job”.


- Hull


I was very fortunate to meet Jo approximately a year back. We were introduced through mutual circle of friends and found ourselves bumping into one another at events where often Jo had been invited as a guest speaker. I had already learned so much by being in the audience, she shared so much value, I just knew I had to book in for one-to-one therapy session. I attended Jo’s therapy room with the weight of the world on my shoulders, and I left having understood it was never my burden to carry. Jo gave me space and time to explore my own mind, re-visit “forgotten”, deep embedded memories in the subconscious mind and past experiences and address the problems, one by one, layer by layer using Matrix Imprinting with EFT; a very powerful technique I had never heard of before”.


- Hull


I was broken, with the help of Jo I am fixing myself, I now have a positive and enlightened outlook on life, forever grateful”.


- Hull



I can’t recommend Jo enough for anyone that is a bit stuck with their Company/project or needs some support to move through a challenging phase. Jo has incredible business acumen along with a passion and skills to help people realise their potential. Over the years, whilst running my own business, I have sought Jo's support many times. I always feel much more equipped and full of ideas afterwards - her positivity, energy and drive is infectious".

Kathryn Sowerby

Managing Director,

Level Systems